Often customers are confused between the capabilities of a MAM – Media asset Management System and a DAM – Digital Asset management system.

Since media is also digital can’t we buy a DAM to manage media because it already manages other digital assets like documents, Scans backup files etc?

Yes and No.

Yes if your organization does not have a media-centric workflow, if other assets have equal weightage to that of media files from the business perspective, or if you don’t need advanced media modification capabilities. Take an example of a Govt organization taking care of digital assets archiving, for such an organization a DAM with the capability to manage media makes more sense. Need to bear in mind the fact that media manipulation capabilities of typical Document management systems will be limited.

But when you talk about a media-centric workflow like a Tv Station or a Film production house, the core business revolves around the Media. You will need advanced media capabilities from the asset management system such as transcoding, stitching multiple media, copyright and rights management etc. In such scenarios, there is no alternative for a MAM.

QuickEdge MAM is an enterprise-grade asset management system which manages both media and documents alike. With a powerful NLE plugin along with a high performance computing cluster it’s designed to handle huge media & document workloads 24/7. You can explore more details about QuickEdge MAM here.