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BLAZE NRCS built from base keeping in mind the evolving Social interactions, gives you the edge in engaging the audience


#accelerate your web presence

Blaze helps you in instant export of stories to WordPress powered websites along with last minute changes to the look and feel of the story. 


Simple - yet a powerful app

The Mobile App is just not an add-on functionality, it is designed to facilitate seamless execution of main engine’s core functionalities.

All inclusive license

The core license comes with all important features such as Feed reader, Whatsapp media preview, Social media integration, Hot backup of database and more

Comprehensive Reports

Track productivity of the newsroom as a whole as well as on individual basis. Its unique rating system ensures that the reports are the most accurate.

Cross Platform device access

Pure web based application which runs both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The user interface is mobile and tab friendly.

MOS protocol compliant

Fully supports MOS Protocol for information exchange. Additionally XML or REST based API integration is also possible with third party devices.

  • Social Media Integration : Publish to Facebook, Twitter and website. Preview the final output before publishing
  • Generic feed parser engine : Supports feeds from Whatsapp, RSS, Wires, remote bureaus, FTP and Email
  • Cloud ready: Deploy quickly on AWS and Google cloud instances
  • Unicode support and I18N-L10N mode ensures access and support to users of all languages
  • Classic Split window scripting
  • Blazing fast search results with a dedicated deep indexing engine
  • Web-based server management with dashboard: All maintenance tasks can be carried out remotely
  • Powerful rundown scheduler and planning with drag and drop editing
  • Enhanced touch device support for an intuitive user experience
  • Intra messaging and Chat system with group chat
  • Auto archive: Blaze automatically archives all stories so that there is no need of housekeeping


Blaze NRCS workflow diagram

NRCS Server(MAIN & HOT Standby): Min Requirements

CPU:Intel Xeon E5 2400 V2 Series or higher
HDD: 2 X 120GB SSD HDD on RAID 1
NETWORK:Dual Gigabit Network card
OPERATING SYSTEM: Ubuntu 14.04 with LTS/RHEL 5.5


Client Workstation: Min Requirements

CPU:Intel Core i3
NETWORK:Gigabit Network card
OPERATING SYSTEM: MS Windows: 7 Pro, 8 Pro, 10 Pro
Mac OS X: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks
Linux: Any distribution with GUI support



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Comprehensive MOS Support

Add additional MOS devices on the fly without any downtime. Supports the following versions of the Protocol: 2.6, 2.8, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 2.8.3. Exhaustive logging helps you debug any connectivity issues easily.

Download from Google play store

Download link for android phones and tabs.

Download from Apple app store

Download link for Iphone & Ipad

Simplified Blaze Mobile application enables remote users to be in sync with the happenings in the Newsroom. Supports both Android and IOS

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


How is BLAZE user license calculated

BLAZE user licenses are based on the concurrent user count accessing the system. If a user is not logged in the user licence is not taken into consideration.

Is BLAZE user license perpetual

Yes its a perpetual license

Does BLAZE work on Mac as well?
BLAZE NRCS is a pure web based application and works seamlessly on Windows, Mac and Linux. You just need the latest version of your browser to access it.
Does BLAZE integrate with social media platforms?

Yes, BLAZE has a powerful social media plugin which integrates with facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You can share news items in Blaze directly on to social media platforms along with additional media.

Does BLAZE work with a non MOS device?
Yes, Blaze works with devices which don’t support MOS protocol. BLAZE has a JSON based API for integration with any non MOS supported device.
How long does BLAZE store old stories?
Forever, BLAZE archives all old stories automatically and indexes them for availability during search. Just for an estimate an year’s stories will approximately take just over 1GB of space.
Does BLAZE work on a Mobile or Tab
Yes, BLAZE has a full fledged Android application for mobiles and Tabs.
Does BLAZE support activeX plugins
Yes, BLAZE supports third-party ActiveX plugins and is already integrated with most of the major automation solutions.
Does BLAZE provide a NLE plugin
Yes, BLAZE supports NLE plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. Users can browse rundown and story information inside the NLE interface.

  Supported Third party Devices

Automation Systems