T News has exclusively dedicated itself to covering the news, events, and culture of Telangana. Recently, they leaped by adopting Karthavya and Workflowlabs’ comprehensive automation solution, catapulting their efficiency and outreach capabilities to unprecedented heights.

The revolutionary QuickEdge automation solution, combined with Blaze NRCS, equips T News to effortlessly disseminate news across major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and various websites. Blaze NRCS seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, RSS, Wires, FTP, and email, enabling T News to respond swiftly to breaking news stories.

Furthermore, the integration of Blaze NRCS with Workflowlabs’ Newsflow platform has revolutionized T News’ production process. This seamless integration ensures a continuous flow of accurate and timely news reports, enabling the channel to maintain its reputation for reliable journalism. T News optimizes its assets through the intelligent Fusion Asset Management System, effectively managing both on-premise and cloud storage. This hybrid approach, blending speed and scalability, is made possible by high-performance DELL-EMC Storage, complemented by DELL’s nearline storage solutions.

T News’ workflow also incorporates the Nitro video server, renowned for its exceptional stability. Its unique features, such as the ability to play and edit content during ingestion, contribute to an incredibly fast content turnaround.

By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Karthavya & Workflowlabs empowers T News to lead the way in delivering trustworthy and captivating content to its audience, setting new standards in the realm of news delivery.