QuickEdge MAM & Archival system and Pulsar Automated QC are now closely integrated to provide users a simplified approach to Quality Check assets within the QuickEdge MAM solution. Users can now select any media assets in QuickEdge MAM and do an on-demand QC against a wide range of parameters through Venera Pulsar automated QC.

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Both QuickEdge and Pulsar are designed to handle heavy workloads. QuickEdge Cluster and Pulsar Farm can provide high-performance scalable asset management & QC solutions to enterprise workloads.

Mr. Vikas Singhal, CEO – Venera Technologies had the following to say on this occasion

We are glad to announce this integration with Karthavya’s QuickEdge MAM & Archival system. QC is an integral part of any professional content workflow and this integration will allow QuickEdge users to make use of Pulsar’s QC capabilities directly from QuickEdge thereby improving their workflow efficiency.

Mr. Sunil G, Director-Sales- karthavya technologies felt that Integration with Venera will help karthavya provide a more complete media workflow for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. 

About Venera :
Venera Technologies is a video solutions company widely known for its innovative products and solutions worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, Venera has been a front runner in digital media space.
Today, Venera’s flagship product “Pulsar – Automated Content Verifier” is used worldwide by leading organizations such as Disney, ESPN, Encompass Media, and Telecom Italia for automating content QC processes from Ingest through Delivery. The farm can provide high-performance asset management & QC solutions to enterprise customers.
Learn more about Venera at www.veneratech.com

About Karthavya :
Karthavya technologies is a core broadcast technology company, a pioneer in using open platforms to create innovative media and news workflow solutions. Karthavya is backed up with one of the industry’s biggest R&D team, which is the driving force behind its offerings.
Built on a pure Linux based architecture – Karthavyas automation and asset management solutions now power some of the biggest broadcasters in Southeast Asia.
Learn more about Karthavya at www.karthavya.com