html5 plugins for MOS

Mos protocol



The newly introduced Web/HTML5 Plug-ins in the MOS protocol version 2.8.5 can usher new possibilities in an MOS workflow.

The current Activex implementation suffers from the following major disadvantages:

  • For web based applications – ActiveX is supported only in Internet Explorer which works only on windows. Users who preferred mac or other browsers were forced to use internet explorer because of this.
  • Companies were forced to have a development team experienced with ActiveX technologies even though their native software wasn’t using any Microsoft technologies.
  • ActiveX was a heavyweight application and embedding it inside a web application was very cumbersome.
  • ActiveX is a proprietary technology and was not contemplating an open protocol like MOS well.

HTML5 based plugins solve all the above disadvantages and provide more open and powerful toolset to create a more streamlined media workflow. BLAZE NRCS a pure web based application built using the latest HTML5 technologies is well prepared to handle the upcoming HTML5 plugins for MOS.