India’s national broadcaster, Doordarshan, chose Karthavya because of the rock-solid stability of the QuickEdge Automation solution as well as the adaptability. The new solution includes the QuickEdge MAM & Archive system. Because of its track record of successfully handling large media repositories, QuickEdge was chosen. QuickEdge offers robustness and efficiency due to its Linux-based core and brand-new, lightweight user interface.

Gravity Deep became the standard option for Doordarshan’s archive solution thanks to its automated secondary DR copy creation on LTO tapes and smart data caching technology, which helps retain frequently visited data on faster storage mediums. ‘Gravity Deep’, enables Doordarshan to implement hybrid archive & disaster recovery (DR) strategies, resulting in significant cost savings and improved data protection.

With the new solution, news can be produced quickly, and the architecture’s substantial usage of COTS technology will result in minimal long-term maintenance expenses.