Vistara News, one of the top 24-hour news channels in Karnataka, selected Karthavya due to the rock-solid stability and scalability of the QuickEdge Automation solution. The QuickEdge MediaWorker module automates a variety of operations, including proxy generation, file movement, housekeeping, auto backup, etc. for even the most complex workflows. Since it provides the system with unparalleled robustness, which is essential for a broadcast scenario, and its perfect “fit and forget” solution QuickEdge was chosen.

Vistara News can quickly publish news updates to Facebook, Twitter, and websites thanks to BLAZE NRCS‘s strong social media publishing capabilities. Blaze NRCS also allows users to preview incoming media from a variety of sources, including Whatsapp, RSS, Wires, FTP, and email, and it is well integrated with Workflowlabs‘ Newsflow media gathering platform.