Reporter News’ decision to select Karthavya Technologies was driven by the company’s proven track record of delivering exceptional results. With a focus on maximizing uptime and reducing maintenance requirements, the QuickEdge automation solution stood out as the ideal choice for Reporter-News.

Along with Blaze NRCS, a powerful tool that enables seamless social media publishing. With the ability to swiftly share news posts across popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and websites, Blaze NRCS facilitates instant dissemination of information to a wider audience. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with various media sources like WhatsApp, RSS, Wires, FTP, and email, allowing Reporter-News to preview incoming media and react promptly to breaking news stories.

The integration of Blaze NRCS with Workflowlabs Newsflow – a media gathering platform, has further enhanced their news production process. This seamless integration ensures a smooth flow of information, enabling the news channel to deliver accurate and timely news reports.

Reporter News, powered by Karthavya Technologies’ innovative automation solutions, is revolutionizing the way news is produced, shared, and consumed. By embracing the latest in technologies, Karthavya Empowers Reporter-News to Take the Forefront in Malayalam News, Delivering Reliable and Engaging Content