Case Study

Praja TV 

The Challenge

The customer had already purchased a different solution for their new Channel. But when the channel launch date neared they faced multiple issues with their current solution. The client did not want to change the launch date as it was not a financially viable option. They approached Karthavya for a solution. With the channel launch in less than 10 days time was against us

The Solution

Karthavya took stock of the situation and started working on the solution immediately. With less than 10 days to go for the launch, without waiting for the new servers to arrive, Karthavya dispatched standby servers to the client. With the help of the standby servers, the system was integrated with the rest of the solutions and user training was completed in less than a week.

It was a race against time

We had to work almost 16 hours a day to pull this off

Karthavya Value Add


Quick turnaround time

karthavya possessed the manpower necessary for such a short turn-around time

Provided Standby Equipment

The customer was honestly informed that the new servers required would not arrive in such a short time. Necessary standby Servers and Systems were provided within a day after the project kick off.

The Results

The system was all ready within 7 days and that provided them the much needed breather to get ready for the launch. The customer had a trouble free and smooth channel launch and were thankful to karthavya’s team which made it possible in such a short time.