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Tv9 Telugu upgrades to end to end HD workflow powered by Karthavya

Tv9 Telugu upgrades to end to end HD workflow powered by Karthavya

Tv9 Telugu a leading 24×7 news channel based out of  Hyderabad upgraded to an all-new HD workflow. Blaze Newsroom Computer System, QuickEdge automation, QuickEdge MAM, and Gravity Deep archival constitute the core solution. The core solution is integrated with Workflowlabs Nitro video servers and DELL-EMC unified all-SSD storage & Spectralogic scalable Tape library.



Kasturi News 24  moves to an end to end HD automation solution from Karthavya

Kasturi News 24 moves to an end to end HD automation solution from Karthavya

Kasturi News 24 – A 24/7 satellite-based news channel, moved to a new end-to-end HD automation solution powered by Karthavya. Karthavya deployed the latest QuickEdge automation system and Workflowlabs Nitro video servers, Blaze Newsroom system, and QuickEdge MAM & Archive system as part of the new solution. A high-performance DELL-EMC Storage powered by Workflowlabs works as the storage backbone.
The new solution enables news production with a quick turnaround time and an architecture with extensive use of COTS hardware will ensure low long-term maintenance costs.

Karthavya powers ETV network’s record breaking channel launch

Karthavya powers ETV network’s record breaking channel launch

ETV today launched a bouquet of 12 satellite-based HD children’s television channels in 11 Indian languages and English. This is the biggest multi-channel roll-out by an Indian broadcaster in one go.

The solution is built on the rock-solid combination of QuickEdge Automation and Workflowlabs Nitro video servers. The solution has been carefully designed to deliver high uptime and availability, at the same time abundant use of COTS hardware powered by DELL-EMC delivers on the low TCO(total cost of ownership) Karthavya solutions are known for.

ETV bal bharat shows

Asianet Suvarna news chooses QuickEdge MAM & Archive solution

Asianet Suvarna news one of the leading 24×7 news channels based in Bangalore-India chooses QuickEdge MAM & Archive solution to manage their media workflow.

QuickEdge was chosen for its proven track record in managing huge media repositories in the region. With a Linux-based core and an all-new lightweight user interface, QuickEdge delivers on both performance and robustness.

News First goes on air with an end to end automation solution from Karthavya

News First Kannada, a Bangalore based 24/7 HD news channel goes on air with an end to end news automation solution from Karthavya.

QuickEdge automation along with Workflowlabs Nitro servers form the heart of the system. While BLAZE NRCS automates the news creation workflow, QuickEdge MAM and Gravity archive streamline the media workflow from ingest to deep archive.


Karthavya’s commitment to our customers during the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) crisis

The world is facing a crisis of epic proportions because of the coronavirus pandemic.
During these difficult times, we want to reassure you that our support team is fully functional and we expect little or no impact in the near future.
We are following the guidance of the local government and public health officials and accordingly all employees are working from home. The support teams are present in diversified locations and are fully equipped to continue the same quality of support Karthavya is known for.  Please contact support@karthavya.com for all your support requests.
We would also like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the health workers, researchers and security personnel who have been selflessly battling this crisis with all their might and courage.
We wish for good health and well being for all our customers, partners and staff.

Together, We shall overcome

Republic TV chooses QuickEdge Automation

Republic TV – India’s leading English news channel along with Republic Bharat one of India’s leading Hindi News channels chooses QuickEdge Automation with Workflowlabs Nitro Video servers.
QuickEdge Automation and Nitro servers were chosen because of its rock-solid playout and graphics overlay capabilities. The new solution will power their international news channels.


Public Music goes on air with QuickEdge automation

Public music a 24X7 music channel based out of Bangalore recently replaced their existing playout system with QuickEdge Automation. The other group channels Pubic TV and Public Movies were already powered by QuickEdge automation.