Case Study

Bansal News

The Challenge

The Customer was looking for an end to end automation solution which could blend well with the traditional workflow but at the same time provide the advantages of what modern automation systems have to offer. Since most of the users were new to automation systems the system had to be extremely easy to use.

The Solution

An end to end automation solution consisting BLAZE NRCS, QuickEdge Automation, QuickEdge MAM and DataHeart Archival was deployed. While the SAN storage was from DELL, the archival storage was from Tyrone.

The workflow was tailor made according to the technical team’s suggestions.

End to End News Automation solution

Our first Broadcast customer

Karthavya Value Add


Customised Solution

Customizations were carried out to make the workflow simpler and quicker

Extensive Training

Extensive training in the local language was provided which played a major role in quick migration to a completely tapeless workflow

Open Protocols

All systems were integrated using open protocols so that the customer has the freedom of choice in the future.

The Results

The Customer went on to become the No-1 24x7 regional news channel in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in India. The journey to the top took just over a year.

The customer runs the latest versions of our software, thanks to our ‘free lifetime software upgrade’ offer.