Broadcast Management System


Supports BXF Protocol

Supports industry standard Broadcast Exchange Format for integration with
compatible third party applications. For systems which do not support BXF, XML
based integration is supported

Comprehensive Reports

Exhaustive reports with wide range of parameters covering all critical statistics based on both Customers as well as time slots. Generates great insights for planning well directed Ad-Campaigns

Advanced Auto Scheduler

Auto scheduler intelligently schedules ads with highest precision for maximum airtime utilization. You can always switch to manual mode for even more control

Low res preview

Along with QuickEdge MediaWorker ingested commercials can immediately be previewed and attached.

Media can even be trimmed from the BMS interface

Few areas of Broadcast are of extreme importance from the revenue point of view, accurate and efficient advertisement management is one of them. Optimized monetization of your airtime can increase revenues and at the same time reduce the manpower requirement.

QuickEdge Broadcast Management System[BMS] is an enterprise grade Scheduling system which unifies the sales ecosystem with an centralised solution which supports dynamic insertion, reporting and management of Television Advertising with emphasis on accountability.

Part of the QuickEdge Automation suite, QuickEdge BMS inherits the core DNA of Simplicity and Stability. QuickEdge BMS has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends in the broadcast industry and is optimized for the Cloud eco-system. The adaptive Scheduling Engine prioritizes higher revenue orders and manages conflicts in the most efficient way, enabling last minute changes to the schedules.

An open API ensures seamless integration with various Automation Systems including our very own QuickEdge Automation

  • Order Management: Advanced adaptive spot processing helps you to manage daily, weekly and monthly schedules with the most complex business rules. Unallocated slots can be rescheduled using drag and drop user Interface.
  • Masters for Program and Breaks for automated program generation along with provision for Manual last minute program insertion
  • Reports for in-depth Analysis: Customer based Revenue, Slot wise revenue, Sales person performance , yearly revenue growth etc
  • FPC to view monthly, weekly and Daily program schedule along with Centralised visualization of the FPC.
  • Custom Invoicing with localized multiple tax rates and custom Company Information

QuickEdge BMS Server(MAIN & HOT Standby): Min Requirements

CPU:Intel Xeon E5 2400 V2 Series
NETWORK:Dual Gigabit Network card
OPERATING SYSTEM: Ubuntu 14.04 with LTS/RHEL 5.5


Client Workstation: Min Requirements

CPU:Intel Core i3
NETWORK:Gigabit Network card
OPERATING SYSTEM: MS Windows: 7 Pro, 8 Pro, 10 Pro
Mac OS X: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks
Linux: Any distribution with GUI support

Cnaging acquisition and distribution in media industry

Cloud Enabled

QuickEdge BMS works seamlessly on AWS cloud drastically reducing deployment and maintenance costs. Scale to the next level without any infrastructure limitations.

QuickEdge BMS SAAS starts from as low as $500 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How is QuickEdge BMS deployed on cloud?
QuickEdge BMS can be installed on Amazon Web Service platform using the EC2 instance. Depending on the load and performance requirement different types of EC2 instance can be chosen.
How does the QuickEdge BMS auto scheduler work?

QuickEdge intelligent auto scheduler carefully evaluates the booked slots and using an advanced scheduler algorithm prepares a schedule which results in maximum revenue generation. You can also override the autoscheduler and manually create the schedule.

Does QuickEdge BMS provide any API for ERP integration?

QuickEdge BMS supports an open JSON based API for easy integration with ERP solutions.

Which platforms and operating systems does QuickEdge BMS support
QuickEdge BMS is a pure web based application and works seamlessly on Windows, Mac and Linux. You just need the latest version of your favourite browser to access it.
Does QuickEdge BMS support multiple channels?

Yes, it supports multiple channels from a single user interface.