Case Study


The Challenge

The Customer was looking for an HD automation solution that can provide the highest uptime possible. Combined with an Disaster Recovery system the system had to provide zero downtime.

The customer was already using a leading automation solution and was looking for a solution which provides equal if not better stability and robustness. The customer is one of the oldest and biggest broadcast house in the region and they wanted a solution which can be customized to their approach.

The Solution

Karthavya Automation along with Harmonic Video Delivery infrastructure was chosen for the main site. Karthavya Automation and DELL based Servers were chosen for the DR site.

karthavya developed an instant playlist sync functionality which provided mirrored playout capability between the Main and DR site. This enabled a reduced Recovery point Objective(RPO) and be better prepared to deal with any Disaster-related risks.

A cluster solution was deployed for higher uptime and availablity

Used an agile model of software development for quick deployment

Karthavya Value Add

A mirorred output from DR

The output of the main site and the Disaster recovery(DR) site have automatic playlist sync funtionality even though the two are completely different Hardware platforms

Customized Client Application

ETV had specific workflow and user interface modifications to be done to sit their existing workflow. Karthavya used agile model of development and delivered the required customizations

The Results

Karthavya has delivered an uptime of 100% over the past couple of years. The DR solution complements the main site with the same uptime and availability.