Case Study

Dighvijay News

The Challenge

The customer was the No 1 regional print media house in Karnataka. The customer was looking for an IT infrastructure which would set a benchmark in terms of stability and usability. The customer had a very strong technical team who were looking for a solution with a high return on investment(ROI), but with an open architecture.

The Solution

Karthavya held multiple discussions with the client and proposed a Broadcast workflow which uses 100% off the shelf IT hardware and Systems. Karthavya leveraged the fact that the customer had a relationship with enterprise IT Infrastructure manufacturers. Karthavya engaged experts from HP & DELL and delivered an infrastructure solution which is truly built to last with the least maintenance.

The IT infrastructure has been designed to last with the least maintenance

A complete HD automation workflow

Karthavya Value Add

Customer Education

An exhaustive overview of broadcast industry and the available technologies was given to the customer enabling them to take well-informed decisions.

ERP Integration

karthavya developed an API interface for the Broadcast management System to integrate with their existing ERP solution which enabled control of the broadcast schedule directly from their head office.

The Results

A 100% IT-based workflow was made available with an attractive ROI. This was achieved by optimizing the systems required and utilizing the extended warranties provided by HP & DELL. The system is on an open and modular architecture