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The most versatile MAM out there

Integrates with a wide range of storage mediums

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Newsroom Computer System

Complete Social publishing Platform

Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, websites, WhatsApp and more

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Playout & Ingest | Automation | Media Asset management System[MAM] | Broadcast Management System [BMS] 


Secure Hierarchical storage management (HSM) system for LTO, ODA and CLOUD

We are the Newsroom Automation and Broadcast solutions experts! We help you unlock the power of information technology and leverage it for enhancing your day-to-day operations.

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Happy customers.

"We had a very tight deadline for launch of our channel and karthavya completed the job well within the timeline. This allowed us to be better prepared for our channel launch."

thumb_01_90_90 Mr Kupendra

Technical head -Praja News

"Stability and Robustness are most important requirements in a broadcast environment, Karthavya Broadcast Solutions have delivered on that"

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Technical Head – BTV 

"When we have asked for onsite assistance Karthavya has always responded immediately"

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Channel Head – Sandesh News

"We wanted an Playout Automation solution which blends with traditional workflows and QuickEdge Automation does that with ease"

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Technical Head – Bansal News


BLOG: Optimizing Broadcast Networks

With changing dynamics of media in Broadcast, data transfer rates are multiplied with HD and UHD formats. Also as IP based media workflows are gathering pace networking infrastructure is becoming critical to broadcast workflow. With changing dynamics of media in...

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Blog : What’s the right Archival media for you

Advent of 4K and 8K media has been great for the consumer  perspective. Consumers are not willing to pay extra for the added clarity higher resolution media provided. After the transition from analog to digital cameras the amount of content ingested on to the...

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