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Basava Tv & TV-7 : Two upcoming regional channels choose QuickEdge Automation



Basava Tv – A Bangalore based Entertainment channel chooses QuickEdge Automation for its industry leading Mirrored Playout feature. QuickEdge Automation maintains frame to frame sync on different Server Chassis in order to provide the highest up-time and reliability.


Tv7 an 24/7 Regional News channel chooses QuickEdge Automation. Tv7 is based out from Mangalore and caters to the news and current affairs of that region.

The right time to Digitize Media lying on your tapes is “RIGHT NOW”

Legacy DV Tapes

A number of Broadcasters are sitting on a huge pile of valuable media lying on legacy Tapes. The need to digitize them has been growing stronger over the years. We have reached a point where further delays in Digitization could punch a huge hole in your pocket.

Digitization costs increasing graph

Observing industry trends one thing is clear – in the past couple of years the cost of digitization is increasing exponentially. This could be due to the following reasons

  1.  Discontinuation of VTR manufacturing by major vendors.(Source). With this we have to rely upon used VTR’s, they will be difficult to find as days progress.
  2. Since most of the Broadcast Environments are now File based, the Manpower expertise to hande legacy tapes is fast diminishing and becoming an rare expertise.
  3. As tapes are getting old the chances of data corruption are higher, this in turn will need restoration which will be an additional burden. Restoration is a manpower intensive hence a costly affair.

The RIGHT TIME to digitize media is right NOW

Suddi TV : Karnataka’s First HD News channel goes ON-AIR with an End-to-End Karthavya Automation Solution

Suddi Tv

Suddi TV a 24/7 HD News channel based in Bangalore was launched yesterday, Karthavya broadcast Solutions make the Core backbone of the IT infrastructure at Suddi TV. The following solutions part of the QuickEdge Automation Suite were deployed here :

  1. BLAZE Newsroom computer System
  2. QuickEdge PCR Playout
  3. QuickEdge MCR Playout
  4. QuickEdge Ingest
  5. QuickEdge Automation
  6. QuickEdge MAM
  7. DataHeart HSM Module
  8. QuickEdge Broadcast Management System


QuickEdge Automation now Integrates seamlessly with Imagine Nexio™ AMP® Video Server and Nexio® Farad™ Online Storage

While QuickEdge Playout and Ingest applications now tightly integrate with Imagine Nexio AMP Video Servers, QuickEdge Media Worker and QuickEdge MAM seamlessly work with the Nexio Farad Online storage for a smooth MOS based workflow.

Nexio farad and Karthavya QuickEdge Integration




Ingested media from QuickEdge Ingest application can be immediately browsed over the QuickEdge MAM terminals. A quick edit can be performed within the MAM interface and pushed to the NRCS.

QuickEdge Automation integrates with Rohde & Schwarz ®VENICE – The ingest and production server

QuickEdge Automation now works with Venice – Ingest & production server from Rhode & Schwarz. With this addition QuickEdge increases its array of choices in front of the customer for robust world class Production servers.

QuickEdge Automation -  R&S Venice Integration

Rohde & Schwarz is among the world market leaders in its established business fields. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of wireless communications and EMC test and measurement equipment, as well as of broadcasting and T&M equipment for digital terrestrial television.