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Kasturi TV Bangalore chooses QuickEdge Playout Automation Solution

Kasturi TV a well-known entertainment channel based out of Bangalore chooses QuickEdge Playout Automation Solution. QuickEdge was chosen for its rock solid stability and security as the core system is completely based on Linux. The cross-platform client application helps you chose the platform of your choice.

IBC24 chooses QuickEdge MAM & Archival Solution

IBC24 the no 1 news channel in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh states of India chooses QuickEdge MAM & Archival solution. QuickEdge was chosen after an extensive evaluation of its capability to scale both vertically and horizontally. The Archival system has been designed to manage up to 1 PetaByte of data. The system is scalable further by adding QuickEdge MediaWorker processing nodes to practically any data size.

QuickEdge integrates the archival storage with Imagine online storage providing powerful unified MAM & Archival Solution.

Mahaa News replaces ENPS with BLAZE NRCS

Mahaa News a 24×7 news channel based out of Hyderabad chooses BLAZE NRCS to replace their existing ENPS NewsroomBLAZE NRCS was chosen for its powerful social media integration and its flexible licensing policy. BLAZE Mobile Reporter module which is now part of BLAZE Newsroom helps the reporters of Mahaa news deliver media and story script quickly straight from the field.



Sri Sankara Tv chooses QuickEdge MAM & Dataheart HSM Solution





Sri Sankara TV based out of Bangalore chooses QuickEdge MAM and Dataheart HSM solution to manage entire media assets of Srisankara Tv and Ayush TV.

While QuickEdge Manages their nearline Storage systems DataHeart HSM integrates with a DELL 48 Slot LTO7 Tape library. The combined solution is designed to manage up to 1 Petabyte of media assets providing a future-proof MAM and archival solution.

EMMRC, Imphal chooses QuickEdge Playout Automation

Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC) Imphal chooses QuickEdge Playout Automation Solution. The entire workflow is designed using a fail-safe architecture ensuring a very high up-time. QuickEdge Playouts Mirrored playout capability adds to the ruggedness of the entire setup.

INEWS, Hyderabad chooses Blaze NRCS & QuickEdge MAM

Inews chooses karthavya

Inews a 24×7 news channel based out of Hyderabad replaced their existing ENPS NRCS with BLAZE NRCS.

BLAZE NRCS was chosen after a detailed evaluation of its capability to adapt to their existing infrastructure and provide an enhanced editorial workflow.

INEWS also choose QuickEdge MAM & Archival to streamline and secure their media workflow across their different storage solution.



Manorama News chooses QuickEdge Automation for its end to end news automation workflow

Manorama News automation

Manorama news one of the leading News and infotainment channel in south India has chosen QuickEdge Automation for its end to end News Automation.

QuickEdge Automation will replace their existing Omnibus Automation and will integrate with ENPS Newsroom and WASP CG. QuickEdge Automation was chosen after careful evaluation of QuickEdge ability to suit their existing workflow as well as its flexibility to adapt to changes in workflow.

RadioSai chooses QuickEdge MAM and Archival Solution

Radio Sai an organization based in Puttaparthi chooses QuickEdge MAM and DataHeart Archival to manage the organization’s media assets. QuickEdge MAM was integrated with EMC ISILON Cluster storage along with DELL LTO Library to manage over 400TB of Media Assets.

QuickEdge MAM & Archival solution was chosen after a carefull evaluation along with other industry leading Archival solutions. The customer chose Karthavya mainly for the quick and prompt customizations carried out to meet customer specific needs.

TV5 replaces Avid INews with BLAZE NRCS

tv5 building

TV5 a prominent 24/7 news channel based in Hyderabad replaced their existing Avid INews with Blaze Newsroom Computer System. This was done after a thorough evaluation of BLAZE NRCS integrated with their existing workflow.

tv5 telugu blaze NRCS

BLAZE was chosen for its simplified user interface, a flexible licensing model and its integrated Social media publishing capabilities.

What’s the difference between a MAM and a DAM

Often customers are confused between the capabilities of a MAM – Media asset Management System and a DAM – Digital Asset management system.

Since media is also digital can’t we buy a DAM to manage media because it already manages other digital assets like documents, Scans backup files etc?

Yes and No.

Yes if your organization does not have a media-centric workflow, if other assets have equal weightage to that of media files from the business perspective, or if you don’t need advanced media modification capabilities. Take an example of a Govt organization taking care of digital assets archiving, for such an organization a DAM with the capability to manage media makes more sense. Need to bear in mind the fact that media manipulation capabilities of typical Document management systems will be limited.

But when you talk about a media-centric workflow like a Tv Station or a Film production house, the core business revolves around the Media. You will need advanced media capabilities from the asset management system such as transcoding, stitching multiple media, copyright and rights management etc. In such scenarios, there is no alternative for a MAM.

QuickEdge MAM is an enterprise grade asset management system optimized for media workflows. With a powerful NLE plugin along with a high performance computing cluster its designed to handle huge media management workloads 24/7. You can explore more details about QuickEdge MAM here.