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India Ahead News goes on air with end to end Karthavya automation Solution

India Ahead a new 24/7 HD English national news channel recently went on air with an end to end Karthavya automation solution. India ahead news automation

As part of a comprehensive solution, Karthavya delivered the following products

  • QuickEdge Automation, BMS, MAM & Archival
  • Dell-EMC Storage

Enterprise IT equipment was leveraged to provide a robust system which requires very less professional maintenance and provides the highest ROI in the long run.

Karthavya wishes India Ahead team a grand success in their endeavor.

MBC TV chooses QuickEdge Automation

MBC TV a 24-hour cable and satellite news channel based out of Odisha chooses QuickEdge Automation Solution.

QuickEdge Automation was chosen for its intrinsic data mirroring capability which helps them reduce time to air and increases the system uptime.


VTV goes on air with QuickEdge Automation & BLAZE NRCS.

VTV a  24-hour regional news channel in Gujarat chooses QuickEdge Automation along with BLAZE NRCS as part of their upgrade to an end to end automation setup.

VTV chose karthavya after a thorough technical evaluation of the products and based on the feedback from our existing customers.

Amrita TV chooses Karthavya

Amrita TV a 24-hour Malayalam, general entertainment satellite channel based out of Kerala chooses QuickEdge MAM and Archival Solution along with QuickEdge Automaton solution.

Karthavya is delivering a turnkey MAM & Archival solution which includes servers, Storage, and LTO based deep archival solution.

Art of Living chooses QuickEdge enterprise MAM

Art of living a world-renowned organization chooses QuickEdge MAM and Archival to streamline its Media management process.

QuickEdge was chosen for its scalable architecture and the ability to tailor the solution to organization-specific workflow requirements. QuickEdge will integrate with the Spectralogic tape library, SONY ODA and DDP unified storage to provide an end to end media workflow.

Captain News replaces ENPS NRCS with BLAZE NRCS

Captain News a 24/7 satellite channel based out of Chennai, India chose BLAZE NRCS to replace their existing ENPS Newsroom. 

An experienced technical team of karthavya carried out the migration to BLAZE NRCS without any downtime.  Blaze was chosen for social media publishing and mobile reporting capabilities. The flexible licensing policy was an added advantage for the customer.

Public Movies chooses QuickEdge Playout Automation

Public Movies a 24X7 movie channel based out of Bangalore chooses QuickEdge Playout automation. The customer selected QuickEdge after a thorough evaluation of various standalone playout systems. QuickEdge was chosen for its rock-solid Linux architecture and industry-leading 5 years server warranty.


LTO 8 : A game changer

Alright! the long expected LTO 8 is here. What does it change now? Everything

ultrium LTO 8

When we last evaluated the storage options for media and broadcasting (link here) the comparison was against LTO, ODA, HDD, and Cloud. Depending on your type of media workload the choices varied.

However, with the introduction of LTO 8, there is definitely a buzz in the media storage market. LTO 8 doubles the Storage capacity of LTO7 and there is a substantial increase in throughput also. remember that a new LTO 8 tape costs almost as same as an LTO7 tape as on today. With this LTO technology has taken a clear lead over other technologies.

Now Two copies of your media on LTO 8 costs less than 1 copy on competing technologies 

LTO 8 is a big relief for IT experts grappling with the increasing media resolution. Storage of 4K media is far more practical and cost-effective with LTO8.

Karthavya’s Dataheart HSM gateway with QuickEdge Media management and Archival solution integrates with all leading Tape Library vendors and delivers an enterprise-class open stack implementation of media Archival systems.